The Funds - Operations
A Fund is a fiscal and accounting entity with a self-balancing set of accounts established to record cash and other financial resources including its related liabilities and residual equity which are segregated for a certain purpose or specific objectives. Yoruba National Fund (TYNF) conducts its operations through a series of Funds. The creation of a fund accounting system was designed to establish a culture of transparency and accountability as part of our operations. As a result, the activities of each fund will be accounted for in a separate accounting system in accordance with the stated objective establishing each of the funds. The preparation and maintenance of the Funds shall be in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. The following are the funds established by TYNF:

The general fund is established for the purpose of supporting the day-to-day running and operation of TYNF. The general fund shall be used to account for and report all financial resources not accounted for and reported in any other fund. It shall also be used to support the administrative and other functional activities of TYNF.

The education fund is used to account for resources held for the following objectives:
  • - Award of scholarships to Yoruba students who have demonstrated excellence in their field of endeavor.
  • - To support the education of children of the Yoruba heroes killed in the line of duty, and/or whose means of livelihood was destroyed in their quest and defense of Yoruba interests.
  • - To support efforts towards the development, propagation and enhancement of Yoruba language, culture, and values through creative educational contents in electronic, print, and other public media.
  • - The establishment and the sustenance of a literary prize to be awarded annually to Yoruba writers who have engaged and written books in Yoruba language to further the frontiers of the written language of Yoruba, e.g., D.O. Fagunwa Prize for literature.
  • - The establishment and maintenance of libraries for the propagation and preservation of Yoruba history in Yorubaland and around the world.
  • - The development and popularization of the educational activities as a means of mental and recreational development of our people e.g., “Ayo” game
There shall be established a Heritage Fund. The purpose of the Heritage Fund is to account for funds to be used in the propagation of the Yoruba heritage and culture including the preservation, restoration of historical monuments which depicts the unique heritage of Yoruba race. Such monuments include but not limited to the following:
  • - Mapo Hall
  • - Cocoa House
  • - Osun Grove
  • - Oranmiyan Staff
The security fund is used to account for resources held for the accomplishment of the following objectives:
  • - The secure the lives and properties of the Yoruba citizens.
  • - To support the vigilantes and other groups genuinely established to protect and defend the territorial integrity of the Yorubaland.
  • - To support seminars, training and workshops designed to enhance the security apparatus and network of Yoruba land.
  • - The training of Yoruba citizens in the defense of their homeland.
The Science and technology fund is used to account for resources held for the accomplishment of the following objectives:
  • - To award scholarships to Yoruba students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • - To support research efforts of Yoruba scientists, engineers etc.
  • - To support patents and trademarks developed by Yoruba scientists, and engineers.
  • - To support efforts towards the translation of science books into Yoruba languages for use in our educational institutions and curriculum.
The Skills Acquisition and Training (SAAT) Fund is designed to aggregate resources to be used to assist and support Yoruba citizens to acquire modern skills in artisans and trading activities. Such skills include but are not limited to bricklaying, electricians, plumbing, vulcanizing, mechanics, tailoring etc. The fund is also established to train existing artisans to learn new methods in their business or trades or change to new artisans or trade.

The art endowment fund is used to account for resources held for the accomplishment of the following objectives:
  • - To support the development and sustenance of the Yoruba leadership in arts, music, theaters, and films.
  • - To support the establishment of a Yoruba Academy of Arts and Culture devoted solely to the propagation of the Yoruba arts, theater, and culture.
  • - To sponsor and support films and short documentaries on Yoruba history, culture, and traditions.
  • - To support the establishment of an awards ceremony in arts, music, theaters, and films exclusively for Yoruba artists.
There shall be established a Think Yoruba First Fund/Economic Fund. The Think Yoruba First Fund is a joint collaborative effort between Think Yoruba First, a think tank non-profit organization based in the US and TYNF. The fund is used to account for resources held for the accomplishment of the following objectives:
  • - To establish a revolving fund used to support economic activities in Yorubaland.
  • - To support the revitalization of the small-scale cottage industries of the Yorubaland
  • - To support the economic independence of Yoruba women in business

Visit Yorubaland

From the low-lying plains and beaches of Lagos to the hilly topography of Abeokuta and the forest grove of Osogbo, Yorubaland offers varying contrasts of natural, historical and cultural landmarks for sightseeing, tourism and vacation.

Visit the majestic Olumo Rock and bask in the history of a monument from which Abeokuta earned its name as the refuge of the Egba during the inter-tribal war. Experience the serenity and cultural splendor of the Osun Grove in Osogbo.

Never miss the uniqueness of Ikogosi where the warm and cold springs confluent in one of the rare gifts of nature.  Witness the magic of the majestic Idanre Hills and experience the historic Oramiyan staff, one of the fascinating obelisks in the world, at Ile-Ife; the cradle of the Yoruba race.

All of these make the Yorubaland an interesting place to visit, live and enjoy!