The Yoruba National Fund

The Yoruba National Fund (TYNF) as a non-partisan, non-political entity, is the brainchild of four (4) Yoruba professionals in diaspora resident in the US and Canada who felt the need to mobilize funds amongst Yoruba nationals in diaspora to support the development of the Yoruba nation.

Established in the state of Texas, TYNF is a tax exempt, non-profit corporation organized for exclusively charitable, scientific, and educational purpose within the meaning of the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended. TYNF serves to:

  • - Promote the educational development of the Yoruba nation through awards of scholarships, building and support of educational institutions with modern facilities and amenities
  • - To propagate and support activities designed to promote the culture and traditions of the Yoruba nation
  • - To support scientific and technological research designed to aid the economic development of the Yoruba nation.
  • - To support efforts towards the learning of the Yoruba language, lead and encourage efforts towards its adoption as primary means of communication in educational institutions and government establishments and transactions in Yorubaland
  • - Support all genuine activities geared toward the self-determination of the Yoruba nation and its sovereignty.

At TYNF, our Mission is to “Think Yoruba First” while our Vision is to “Make Yoruba Great Again”. Why won’t you join us!

Visit Yorubaland

From the low-lying plains and beaches of Lagos to the hilly topography of Abeokuta and the forest grove of Osogbo, Yorubaland offers varying contrasts of natural, historical and cultural landmarks for sightseeing, tourism and vacation.

Visit the majestic Olumo Rock and bask in the history of a monument from which Abeokuta earned its name as the refuge of the Egba during the inter-tribal war. Experience the serenity and cultural splendor of the Osun Grove in Osogbo.

Never miss the uniqueness of Ikogosi where the warm and cold springs confluent in one of the rare gifts of nature.  Witness the magic of the majestic Idanre Hills and experience the historic Oramiyan staff, one of the fascinating obelisks in the world, at Ile-Ife; the cradle of the Yoruba race.

All of these make the Yorubaland an interesting place to visit, live and enjoy!